Principles of bearing selection and application
Principles of bearing selection and application 

A bearing arrangement does not only consist of rolling bearings but includes the components associated with the bearings such as the shaft and housing. The lubricant is also a very important component of the bearing arrangement because it has to prevent wear and protect against corrosion so that the bearing can deploy its full performance. Beside these, the seal is also a very important component, the performance of which is of vital importance to the cleanliness of the lubricant. Cleanliness has a profound effect on bearing service life - which is why lubricants and seals have become part of the SKF business.

To design a rolling bearing arrangement it is necessary

– to select a suitable bearing type 
– to determine a suitable bearing size, 

but this is not all. Several other aspects have to be considered, such as

– a suitable form and design of other components of the arrangement 
– appropriate fits and bearing internal clearance or preload 
– holding devices 
– adequate seals 
– the type and quantity of lubricant 
– installation and removal methods, etc. 

Each individual decision affects the performance, reliability and economy of the bearing arrangement.

The amount of work entailed depends on whether experience is already available about similar arrangements. When experience is lacking, when extraordinary demands are made or, when the costs of the bearing arrangement and any subsequent outline have to be given special consideration, then much more work is needed including, for example, more accurate calculations and/or testing.

In the following sections of this general technical introduction, the designer of a bearing arrangement can find the necessary basic information presented in the order in which it is generally required. Obviously it is impossible to include all the information needed to cover every conceivable bearing application. For this reason, in many places, reference is made to the comprehensive SKF application engineering service, which includes technical support about the selection of the right bearing as well as calculations of the complete bearing arrangement. The higher the technical demands placed on a bearing arrangement and the more limited the available experience of using bearings for particular applications, the more advisable it is to make use of this service.

The information contained in the general technical section usually applies to rolling bearings generally, or at least to a group of bearings. Special information specific to one bearing type only can be found in the text preceding the appropriate individual table section.

In general, the information for SKF high-precision bearings is valid for SKF-SNFA super-precision bearings. However, it is best to refer to the individual sections "Angular contact ball bearings in the 718 (SEA) series" and "Angular contact thrust ball bearings for screw drives" for additional information.

It should be noted that the values provided in the product tables for load and speed ratings as well as for the fatigue load limit are heavily rounded.

 Cuscinetti volventi

Cuscinetti radiali a sfere Cuscinetti obliqui a sfere
Cuscinetti a rulli cilindrici Cuscinetti a rullini combinati
Cuscinetti a rulli conici Cuscinetti toroidali a rulli CARB®
Cuscinetti assiali obliqui a sfere Cuscinetti assiali a rullini
Cuscinetti assiali orientabili a rulli Cuscinetti di spalla per laminatoi tipo Sendzimir
Prodotti tecnologicamente avanzati Accessori per cuscinetti
Cuscinetti Y Cuscinetti orientabili a sfere
Cuscinetti a rullini Cuscinetti combinati a rulli cilindrici e conici
Cuscinetti orientabili a rulli Cuscinetti assiali a sfere
Cuscinetti assiali a rulli cilindrici Cuscinetti assiali a rulli conici
Rotelle Rulli pressori
Meccatronica Altri cuscinetti skf

 Cusinetti alta precisione

High-/super-precision bearings
Principles of bearing selection and application

SKF high-precision bearings

Angular contact ball bearings Cylindrical roller bearings
Double direction angular contact thrust ball bearings

SKF - SNFA super-precision bearings

Angular contact ball bearings Cylindrical roller bearings*
Angular contact thrust ball bearings for screw drives

SNFA precision ball bearings

Products and publications

Bearing accessories and services

Locking devices Gauges
Other products and services

 Unità cuscinetto

Unità cuscinetti a sfere 
Sopporti Y - prinicipi generali Sopporti ritti Y
Sopporti Y a flangia Sopporti Y tenditori
Unità Y per temperature elevate

Unità cuscinetti a rulli
Unità cuscinetti a rulli - principi generali Unità cuscinetto a rulli
Unità cuscinetto a rulli flangiate

Unità monoblocco doppie
Sopporti monoblocco doppi

 Supporti per cuscinetti

Sopporti ritti, in due metà
Sopporti SNL, serie 2, 3, 5 e 6 Sopporti SNL di grandi dimensioni
Sopporti SDG Sopporti SONL
Sopporti SAF Sopporti SDAF
Sopporti SAW

Sopporti monoblocco
Sopporti SBD Sopporti TVN
Sopporti TN

Sopporti flangiati
Sopporti flangiati FNL Sopporti flangiati 7225(00)
Sopporti flangiati I-1200(00)

Sopporti tenditori
Sopporti tenditori THD

 Snodi sferice e terminale

Snodi sferici e terminali - Informazioni generali Snodi sferici radiali che richiedono manutenzione
Snodi sferici esenti da manutenzione Snodi sferici a contatto obliquo
Snodi sferici assiali Terminali che richiedono manutenzione
Terminali esenti da manutenzione

 Cuscinetti radenti composite e boccole FW

Cuscinetti radenti compositi e boccole FW - informazioni generali Boccole di materiale composito
Boccole FW Boccole flangiate in materiale composito
Ralle reggispinta in materiale composito Strisce di materiale composito

 Tenute industriali

Principi di selezione e applicazione delle tenute Anelli di tenuta SKF radiali
Tenute radiali con altezza di sezione ridotta Tenute meccaniche SKF
Tenute V-ring Tenute assiali con fascetta
Rondelle di protezione e rondelle distanziatrici Bussole anti-usura

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